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A beautiful 4 year old Rottie girl who is doing well in her socialising…. She can sometimes be a little worried by other dogs and she seems to have a distrust in men – she can be tense and afraid when approached by men she does not know but is fine if they are sensible and allow her time to get to know and trust them. We are doing some work with her to help her overcome this fear and any new home would need to be prepared to continue in the same way and take advice from our behaviourist. She was not bothered by the cats and showed little interest in them so could probably live with a cat assuming the right introductions and the ability to keep them separate and allow a slow and patient settling in period. Kara will need a furever home that is experienced with her breed please and would be best as an only dog in a quiet environment where she can settle and feel safe. If your household is busy and noisy with lots of people coming and going it would probably not suit Kara and be a bit much for her sadly. Also, no little children please for Kara as she can be a little snatchy where food is concerned having spent a period of time wondering where her next meal is coming from so if you have a toddler wandering around with a biscuit, for example, Kara may well save the child the bother of eating it! She is a loving girl who has had a rough time where she lacked love and security and stability – we need someone who understands that and can help her unpack her baggage please. ENQUIRIES VIA WEBSITE WWW.FINDINGFUREVERHOMES.ORG.UK/DOGS/KARA/

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