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16.1 handsome TBxID bay gelding

16.1 handsome TBxID  bay gelding based in portslade Brighton,Can be cheeky when coming back into work but once going is a very lovley ride,Not malicious just throws in little bucks when going into canter and will take advantage of nervous riders so confident rider is a must!Can nap occasionally but if your confident all it takes is a little kick and a growl to push him forward!Hes amazing on the ground ,very loving and once in work is an amazing horse to ride,He has been ridden occasionally and so far hasnt been any trouble atall but through previous experience i know what he can be like!As i said before nothing dangerous if ridden by experienced rider,Not looking for any financial contribution as he is coming back into work just looking for someone to help me bring him back into work and enjoy him just as much as i do when hes going,Yard has both jumping and schooling paddocks,lunging paddock and amazing hacking across the downs!For more information call me on 07969443522,Liz x

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