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Cabo and Lleno need a home

Cabo and Lleno Are Degus These degus came to us when their owner passed away, but was not discovered for several weeks. Sadly, many of her other pets did not survive. Although they were initially traumatized, they have responded amazingly to our care, and are now amongst the friendliest and easiest to handle degus we've ever had here. They adore human attention and will happily climb over you and accept strokes and tickles. They are very cheeky, especially Lleno, who likes to try to sneak past you so he can go and explore! Their new home needn't be experienced with degus, but you will need to have researched their care and be able to provide them with a large metal cage. The two boys are very easy to tell apart, as Cabo only has half a tail. Degus are delightful pets and those who already love rats will also appreciate their similarly cheeky personalities but much longer life span. For more information please contact Sarah from the Starlight Trust, Surrey on 08445868634or via email

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