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Rspca Essex South and Southend Dogs Needing Homes

This is Lucky, a Yorkie cross aged approx 7 years & neutered. Lucky was handed to us as his owner died and relatives could not take him on. Lucky is being  fostered in a home with 3 other large dogs and here is what his foster mum says about him.. ... 'Lucky is good with children and seems well socialised with dogs. He is playful and a...gile, and really loves his walks, he's being walked on, and a trailing lead for free running and is learning recall with aid of hot dog treats! Lucky has no trouble keeping up with the other big dogs he goes for his walks with. Lucky really loves attention and affection and loves to sit on the sofa and on your lap, and would benefit from having your undivided attention which he thrives on. Lucky is proving to be very trainable, he enjoys his treats and has an excellent appetite. Lucky does bark at the doorbell or the post being delivered, but is otherwise quiet. Lucky most definately does NOT like cats though' Lucky would like an owner who is around the majority of the time, or a home with exisiting dogs for company. Call 07749175023

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