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Vinnie is looking for a sharer

For part loan. East Sussex, Horsebridge. Vinnie is a bay 15hh Welsh D cob. He rides depending on his rider, for example someone with a calm seat and just plodding he will be an absolute dope, whereas someone with a hot seat jumping and what not he will be very fizzy and sometimes a little nappy(although will never refuse/run out of a jump). He would suit a more confident rider who just wants to have a bit of fun. He has a big jump and is very fun. He can be strong but he doesn't bolt or bomb off. He doesn't buck but may have a few little hoppy rears if he wants to try it on, but once he has been told off he won't do it again and will carry on as normal. He is kept on a field with no stables therefore there are no stable duties involved. Only jobs are poo picking, water filling and putting hay out. There is no school so can only ride in field when it's dry enough. There is plenty of hacking around but a very busy road when you first come out of the field, although Vinnie is absolutely fine and 100% bomb proof in traffic. I will happily hack with you on my other pony to show the hacks and if you ever want me to just come on a fun/plod ride. The loaner can take him to shows if confident enough but has to arrange transport which I can share costs of. He comes home with a clear 99% of the time and I have jumped him clear in the 1m although I think he could go clear in the 4ft as he has jumped up to 5ft at home. He has gotten a 1st in showing classes as he has very flashy cobby movements. He could excel in dressage as he works well in an outline through all paces. I have never hunted him but I think he would be fine to and I have never done XC with him but he will happily jump solids and would be good at that too. There are lots of lovely hacks including the cuckoo trail, country lane loops, woodland bridle path. The loaner must have own insurance. The loaner can choose amount of days as they wish between 2 to 5 days and days will be flexible. Loan is cheap as have no facilities and will stay the same price no matter how many days you do. You will have to come weekly at least twice a week. If you're interested or I have missed anything out feel free to message me. If you're looking to have lots of fun, bit of a challenge then he is perfect for you! He is not to be missed as he is an amazing horse and is lots of fun for someone with the confidence. for more information please contact Abbie Knight on 07972646379

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