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American Bulldog Blu is looking for a home

Blu is an American Bulldog and is around 1 year old. He has some hearing problems on his left side but otherwise fine.� Blu is sadly having to find a new home as the older resident dog is not happy sharing his space. His current owner says 'Blu is a very lovely affectionate dog, full of happiness and just wants to be with you all the time giving cuddles and kisses. Loves to chase a ball, and play fetch, but is still learning to give it up without a bribe. Great recall, is very good off lead, but lead walking needs some work. Can be left at home during the days but needs a good run before and after as can be destructive of letters, books, and things lying around, as he's very curious, but never furniture. He has a huge appetite, but needs to remember his manners like 'wait' and 'gentle', so continuous training is needed. He can be possessive over toys, and snatchy with food so would be best in a home with no young children until he learns that it's OK and nobody is stealing his food or toys. Blu is fully House trained and doesn't seem to be reactive to cats, or other small animals (lives with rats currently), and when he's playing fetch he's not interested in other dogs. When he's not playing fetch he can be a little nervous of dogs that come running up to him. If a dog reacts to him, he will react back, then takes a few minutes to calm down. Blu needs an owner who is experienced in bully breeds, has the time to continue his training, and give him the attention he deserves. Until he grows in confidence he would probably be Best as an only dog in a child free home' Can anyone offer Blu that opportunity please? He's in Shrewsbury at the moment and any potential home would need to be home checked prior to visiting him. Applications via our website please   blu_4blu_3

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