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About Us

Our Mission:

“Providing all communities opportunities for the promotion of animal welfare”


Welcome to the Rehome Me website.

Rehome Me was established in 2016 to promote the work and highlight the re homing difficulties faced by Animal Welfare Organisations.

The management team at Rehome Me have 40 years first hand experience of working within the Animal Welfare Sector.

Rehome Me aims to further animal welfare not only through education and training but by giving maximum exposure to ALL animal welfare organisations regardless of size or stature. Rehome Me will also be creating opportunities for volunteering promoting community spirit ‘working together.’

Rehome Me have created a national page for Equine Sharers as through research an equine shared is often an equine spared from needing re homing.

Rehome Me has made a promise to have a reputation for excellence, we will deliver quality coverage ,and be pioneers in creating a unique One Stop Shop for all. Rehome Me will be user friendly to the general public.

Rehome Me is an independent ‘not for profit’ organisation.


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