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BUSTER We are all extremely sad to have to say that old man Buster is having to look for a new Furever Foster Home. The family are all heartbroken, after losing Dad earlier this year, Mum is now extremely poorly indeed herself and so the family are very sadly and very reluctantly asking us to help find an alternative for Buster. Mum really doesn’t want him to go but her own health has deteriorated and she needs a high level of care herself. So can you please help us find a Furever Foster for Buster? A reminder that a Furever Foster means that all his vet bills, medical bills etc are paid for by us – we can cover the cost of food too if necessary. So let me tell you a little more about Buster, from the family themselves. “Buster, affectionately known as Buster Bear is a lovely friendly, sweet natured, gentle boy who, despite having wobbly legs still loves to go for his walks and he can get quite a shift on once he gets going! He doesn’t need to go every day and he lets you know if he doesn’t want to go, he lies down on the floor and won’t budge! His favourite things in the world are food and belly rubs. Buster enjoys the company of other dogs when out on walks but because of his wobbly legs he wouldn’t cope around bouncy dogs. Buster doesn’t like cats and will chase them if he gets chance. He is very talkative! His hearing isn’t good. One thing he hates is having his photograph taken! He likes to be covered up in his bed at night when he goes to sleep and he sleeps through the night and will sometimes lie in bed until after 8am. He is very clean in the house. He is currently on Previcox for his legs and Yumove Advance 1 a day. Buster has what appears to be a bent spine, the vet thinks possibly an old injury, for this reason we never ask him to “sit” for treats etc because it may be difficult for him. And because of his wobbly legs which the vet said is caused by a knee problem, Buster can’t do stairs, however he can manage a low step but needs his garden area to be flat and able to bimble around without challenge – he also struggles with ramps. Buster is very good both on and off the lead, he will stop on command but you have to shout loudly so that he can hear you. Buster travels well in the car, but he has to be picked up to put him in as he can’t climb in on his own. He is currently fed two small meals twice a day. He loves his Pedigree Markies.” Overall, Buster is a smashing little dog with a lovely temperament and is very sadly having to look for a new Furever Foster Home because the lovely lady caring for him is extremely poorly herself and needs a high level of care now herself. Enquiries via the website

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