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“I’ve got my current sharer as i work full time and are due to start my law degree in October which will be 25 hours a week study. i need the time to study, and need to be safe in the knowledge that my mare is safe and happy and being looked after. the girl that shares her is 14 years old and has been riding for the last five years. her mum although non horsey is around allot, and we keep in contact as well as me and my sharer. she started with her in July as i wanted a few months to be there with her on her days for my peace of mind, and part of our arrangement is that i teach her once a week (out of her three days ) this seems to be working well, as not only is rosie(my mare) developing a bond with nia( my sharer) but three of us are making a great team. she has been taking her to local shows under my supervision (showing and showjumping) and coming home with rosettes and lots of smiles. rosie is getting fitter (as i often don’t get time to ride) and nia is progressing with her riding. nia treats rosie as her own, she follows my rules, but showers her with love and treats and lots of presents. she knows she has to ask before doing something out of the norm, for example, a long hack, picnic ride, riding on the roads with her friends(of the same age) but has allocated adults she knows i’m happy for her to hack with, and always does ask. i get as much pleasure watching her ride, compete and love rosie as i do doing it all myself. i met nia through her sharing another girls horse at our yard and we had rode together previously and spent time at the yard together, so i was lucky in the sense that i knew her and more importantly like the quality’s i saw in her, which i knew would prove her to be a good sharer. she’s helpful conscientious, kind, constantly aware of rosie’s needs, and safe at all times. she helps out with extra jobs, ragworting poo picking and general yard duties without even a whisper of a moan. she pays £80 a month for 3 days a week and one extra a month to go to show, which she is responsible in funding. rosie and myself are insured on her policy and nia has her own separate. i’m a stickler for prompt payment as her share money covers rosies rent, which i made clear at the beginning and nia has stuck by this. we don’t have a written contract but verbally i made sure we both know where we stand and what each of us is responsible for. this appears to be working so far.” – Kate