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Please say hello to Angel shes about 4 or 5 years old. She hasn’t had a very nice time of things and would really like a new home filled with lots of love and fusses. She’s really happy to be around all people, any age, any type. Such a wonderful girl who loves being handled, the more the better. We haven’t had an opportunity to see her interact with children yet, but she would probably be fine with them as long as they gave her cuddles. We don’t know how keen she’d be with playing with them as she has shown no interest in toys or playing and is not a bouncy, playful dog, more calm, steady and preferring contact and cuddles. She is fine around other dogs, she is more interested in the people than dogs! She spent a long time looking in the cat cages as if trying to work them out, she was worried at times being there, but stayed for ages sniffing and looking about but showed no desire to chase etc. She has a good appetite and appears to have no issues with food, she ate her tea and didn’t have a problem with us taking her harness off whilst eating and stroking her as well. On the lead she doesn’t want to walk ahead of you so doesn’t pull. She walks by your side or slightly out and the whole time just wants to make sure you are there once you get out of the kennel environment. She was quiet and a little timid when out and not too confident around traffic. Generally we get the feeling that Angel will do whatever it takes to make you happy, not thinking if it’s what she wants to do. If you’re happy, she is happy. She needs and loves assurance, love, cuddles, being held, being with you. She would probably be best as an only dog or rehomed with another gentle dog as she is quite a reserved little girl who’s most favourite thing is being stroked and given attention. She would probably best suit an older person who wants that loving companion because she isn’t full on, bouncy etc. so may not appeal to a family who have a busy full on life…she wouldn’t necessarily want that for herself. She loves to potter around and follow you…particularly if heading to the kitchen! Such a lovely girl, who looks so sad and needs that love for herself, that she is so desperate to give to someone. Could it be you? Enquiries via the website please

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