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Can you give a hamster a home?

Peaches, Petit Pois, Pebbles, Porsche are Dwarf hamster These girls were the result of their parents being mis-sexed in their previous home. They came to us when they were only a couple of weeks old and have been handled regularly since, so are exceptionally friendly. Honestly, if you've heard that dwarf hams are nippy or hard to handle then these girls would love the chance to prove you wrong. They adore human interaction, climbing happily into your hand for attention and none have ever bitten. Pebbles and Porsche were homed to a family with children but returned through no fault of their own. We are therefore confident that they're suitable for a home with responsible kids. Peaches and Petit Pois are both very confident, active girls with big personalities, and would love a home where they will get lots of attention and opportunity to play outside the cage. The girls decided they didn't like sharing once they grew up so are all looking for homes individually. For more information please contact Sarah from the Starlight Trust, Surrey on 08445868634or via email

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