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Chinchillas needing a home

Electra and Gemini - Chinchillas Electra and Gemini came to us when their owner decided to stop keeping and breeding chinchillas. They were initially quite fearful of human contact, but have now blossomed into delightfully friendly girls. They give me thank you kisses when I top up their hay each morning and quite enjoy a gentle tickle. The girls appear to be in good health but their previous care wasn't ideal so Gemini sometimes fur pulls and both will need regular dental checks. Their new home need not be a n experienced chinchilla keeper as these girls are quite easy going. However, you will have researched their care, be able to provide a large metal cage, and be willing to commit to provide them with an excellent level of care for potentially the next 15 years. We have successfully introduced the girls to other chins (and degus) while they've been here, so they should also be fine to mix with existing pets. For more information please contact Sarah from the Starlight Trust, Surrey on 08445868634or via email

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