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He is a 15 month old Dartmoor pony, stands about 10/11hh, I brought him sight unseen as a companion for my mare, from a lady who I’m gathering wasn’t to nice to him and he is a nervous wreck, we literally can’t get near him and I don’t have time to be down there 24/7 to spend with him, Neither do I have the money to get a horse trainer or behaviourist for him as we are paying for my mare to be broken in at the moment, I don’t want to sell him to someone else where he will just be moved on and on, would rather him go to a rescue where he has the attention he needs and the knowledgeable Home he needs, it breaks my heart that I can’t afford to pay for someone to come out and help me with him and I don’t wanna get rid of him because I like horses to have a forever home with me but I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place! Hope you can help

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