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Domino is a kind loving pony who i have had the pleasure of owning for 10 years during these 10 years we have been battling sweet-itch this is something that domino had before i owned him and has continued to get every spring although with the right care this is extremely manageable with a rug and creams. We have done lots of ground work including some horse agility and some confidence building including being walked out in hand in traffic, however none of this has been done for a very long time. He is at the moment kept very natural in a 10acre field with 1 other horse, he has his feet trimmed 3-4 times and year and is not rugged in the winter, only handled at those times where he may need to move fields or for the farrier he takes this all in his stride and is in general a very well behaved laid back pony. he will therefor be the perfect project for someone looking to do natural horsemanship, horse agility or someone just looking for a companion pony, it was my decision not to teach him to ride but I'm sure in capable hands this is something that he could learn.

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