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Domino is a lovely young boy, a very immature puppy inside a 10 month old body, and does not seem to have had much socialisation so lacks confidence in certain situations. Because of his age Domino needs a home where someone is around nearly all the time at least, as he cannot be left alone for long periods – no more than an hour at the most once he has settled and this to be gradually increased over time, moving up to 2 hours maximum to begin with. Please do not apply for Domino if you are out at work and cannot give him the company and support he needs right now. He loves to be with people and is typically very friendly but when he meets strangers he can be wary to begin with – once he decides you are OK then he will approach, perfect manners and waggy tail but he must not be forced into situations that he is not comfortable with and we will not rehome to young children who might cause him concern. He is a sweet natured puppy and any children would need to have experience around dogs and be old enough to understand how to behave around a baby that is going through a critical development period. He is good with other dogs but if they are over the top and in his face he chooses to distance himself until he feels safe and confident – again not much in the way of socialising so someone who has experience and understands the importance of this is needed as where he is timid at Once in the cattery he looked at the cats but not overly interested, chances are his immature fun puppy side might like to try and play, but he would learn really quickly not to do anything. And her certainly has no ill intent towards them but again has no experience and would need to learn. He is a playful boy who wants to play with you and engage and has no issues around food or taking treats. He enjoys being handled and as far as he is concerned, the more cuddles the better, he really loves to be handled and stroked. He is good on the lead, didn’t pull at all and was happy to trot along nicely. Wasn’t bothered by traffic noise and was happy to be helped into the car to go on a short trip. Please bear in mind he is more basset than spaniel and as such has a long back and short legs – this can predispose dogs to problems with their spine and back and so should be discouraged from jumping up or down and any “rough terrain” that might cause physical challenges. He is looking a bit sad at the moment and missing being with people so it would be great to find a suitable home with experience perhaps of bassets and their needs – he is a very sweet, loving dog who just deserves to be an equally loving home. He doesn’t appear to have had lots of input, socialising, life experiences. So we would recommend some gentle introductions to the world by an experienced, calm and capable owner. Being part hound he loves to sniff and follow a trail so anyone with experience of or willing to learn and do some nosework would be great with him – but at the moment this immature and timid young lad needs an experienced, capable, confident home to help him make up for the lack of socialisation he seems to have had – typically puppy who will need help in not jumping up etc and a chance to relax and have company whilst he builds confidence in the world. Please only apply if you can meet his needs and there is someone at home all/most of the day at least for the next few months whilst he catches up with his development and his confidence. ENQUIRIES VIA WEBSITE PLEASE WWW.FINDINGFUREVERHOMES.ORG.UK/DOGS/DOMINO/

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