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Elliot is a very friendly little boy who loves people and is very happy to be around them. We would say that he would be fine around children who were experienced and confident as he might be very bouncy in his puppy enthusiasm. He would benefit from a sighthound experienced home who would be confident with a sensitive hound. He is friendly and inquisitive with other dogs and wanted to play with others – he is at an age where he needs positive interactions with dogs to learn from and have fun with too. He was really unsure on his cat assessment and absolutely not sure what to make of them – he couldn’t work them out at all and in true young dog style got bored of them quite quickly! Elliot was great with toys and interacted well. Loves toys and playing, the more the merrier in fact and he was also very good around food – loves treats and no trouble with me being around his bowl whilst he was eating. Elliot loves a fuss and has no issues at all in being handled – he loves to be stroked and touched and is quite happy to have a harness put in him for safe walking which is a good job as he can be quite skippy and Bambi like when out and about. Hes a very sweet natured and lanky puppy who needs some input and training – he will be a fantastic dog in the right home where they understand his puppy ways and are able to train and guide him. At the moment though, he is an immature baby, skittish and lacking in confidence and will not cope with lengthy periods home alone. He was quite happy in the car and travelling and has no issue with traffic noise etc – he can be a bit barky in the kennel but this could well be excitement and frustration and learning from the others! He is a really lovely, friendly happy dog. What a sweetie! His picture doesn’t do him justice BUT he needs lots of input and training as does any young dog really – please do not under estimate the time and commitment that a young dog will need and it will be a requirement of your adoption contract that you attend puppy classes with him. We will need evidence of this and a contact number for the training – it MUST be positive and reward based reinforcement. ENQUIRIES VIA WEBSITE WWW.FINDINGFUREVERHOMES.ORG.UK/DOGS/ELLIOT/

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