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TEMPORARY FOSTER HOME NEEDED URGENTLY We need to urgently find a fantastic FOSTER home for the next 12 weeks maximum, for a 2 year old saluki girl who is post surgery. Little Flo has had a bone graft taking bone from her shoulder to fix her broken hock, and a skin graft, so she needs total bed rest with careful, considered, controlled exercise until the wound and fuse are stable. She will be best in a quiet, calm environment, no kids, no cats, no mad dogs like mine who will wind her up, and you need to be close to Stockport, Cheadle, Wilmslow, south Manchester in order to attend her follow up appointments with the very clever vet who rebuilt our little girl after her owner dumped her with a badly broken leg, fleas, worms and little hope. Little Flo has beaten the system and ended up having very expensive and clever surgery to fix her badly busted leg, and now we need to find somewhere for Flo to go from next week where she can get lots of love and attention and continue to heal. She may be well enough and stable enough to move on sooner but worst case scenario she needs 12 weeks bed rest and you MUST be close to the vets so that there is minimal travel and you can get there easily and quickly for follow up appointments. FFH will cover ALL your costs, both in terms of providing a super big crate, bed, food, harness & lead, food and of course all vet bills and any consumables. I know we are asking for the virtually impossible but I am a big believer in never say never – Flo was lucky enough to be found by 2 very caring FFH volunteers, the vet was smart enough to risk the clever stuff to save her leg, so we need to make sure her luck continues with the chance of a marvellous home to recuperate in. We will give you 24/7 support with local help if needed – please please please can you share this post and help increase our chances? If you have dogs yourself they need to be quiet, calm and gentle and respect her space, you need a decent sized garden for gentle lead exercise and enough space indoors to accommodate a decent sized crate for this little sweetheart to rest and recover. I know, a big ask, but if anyone can, Team FFH can, so please share share share and help us find Little Flo’s saviours? If you feel you can meet all the criteria above, please can you complete the enquiry form as normal and one of our volunteers will contact you to arrange a home check etc. Please remember you MUST be able to accommodate her for up to 12 weeks and be located in the Cheadle/Stockport area and able to transport her to and from vet appointments as needed – probably every few weeks assuming all goes to plan. Enquiries

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