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We feel he is probably an ex farm dog from his behaviour and preferences, as you can see, he does rather love his bed in the hay! He’s a super friendly boy, loves playing with some of the other dogs, the girls especially, but some of the boys spook him so probably best as the only boy in a home, but it would be lovely to see him have a sister to play with as he really does enjoy playing with another dog given the chance. We don’t normally insist on this but we feel Joseph needs a home with a garden – he is wary of walking on the lead still and traffic is a bit scary for him, he can get quite timid so a good secure garden is a must at least in the early days whilst he settles in with you and learns to live in a home environment. Sometimes even at kennels he just wants to walk a short distance and then sit and be stroked – he is a quiet boy and we feel would like a garden to be safe in first before he meets too much of the big bad world. He would possibly prefer not to be bothered with young children either – he loves fuss and attention but as he is quite shy it would be nice to not have to contend with young kids please! He will also do best in a home where he has company – we do feel he would be happiest living with another dog (ideally female) and where he is not at home alone too much, too often. Joseph possibly has an issue with his eyes – his pupils seem quite enlarged and if you are a collie lover you will know that it is not especially unusual for a collie to have eye problems – we will get this checked out thoroughly in due course but the vet feels that this might lead to him losing is sight in the future – not definite but there is a possibility. Joseph is a fabulous young lad and it would be great to see him getting the cuddles and fuss that he so loves in his own Furever Home but that home will need to be a special one – at the moment he is displaying signs of severe anxiety and is reluctant to go for walks or move too far away from his kennel and he has started with some OCD behaviours too. All he wants to do is be loved and cuddled, there is no aggression or malice, he is just a scared, confused little boy who needs an experienced and understanding home with peace and quiet and the chance to learn to relax. Anyone who adopted Joseph would get our full support including free access to a professionally qualified behaviourist at every step. In summary Joseph’s ideal home will be a quiet adult home with a lovely secure garden in a quiet part of the world, if he can share that home with a female friendly dog then he would be very happy as he loves to play with other dogs but can be a bit overwhelmed by boys. His shy and quiet nature will need patience, calm and the chance to settle in and relax and as he does not cope well with change, it would be good if you were able to visit him a couple of times in kennels (Shrewsbury) to get to know him and him you. Thanks 🙂

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