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Meet Buttercup

  • Name: Buttercup (Female)
  • Age: 2yrs
  • Can I live with other cats?  No
  • Can I live with Dogs?  No
  • Can I live with Children?  Yes (14 + years)
  • Do I need a garden?  Yes
  • Medical conditions? None known contact if interested in me
What’s my personality? I am a loving young lady who is not shy about telling you what I want. I am my own women so I like fuss and affection but sometimes if I’ve had enough I’ll give out a hiss just to let you know the boundaries. I have tons of character and just need to learn to trust people. I am a strong young lady who has had to depend on herself so once I get to know you then I will show you a whole new side to me. Why am I at The Mayhew? I arrived at The Mayhew after me and my four little kittens were found searching for food in amongst the rubbish. I was very thin as all my efforts went to keeping my kittens alive. I did a wonderful job but now it’s time to live a slightly easier life where I can be appreciated for the cat I am.

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