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Meet Eenie and Miney

SAM_5342-225x300Hello our names are Eenie and Miney and we are both about a year and a half old. We came to The Mayhew with our dad Minstral and Mum Fiona along with two six other siblings and another seven that have been born whilst we were here. We are a brother and sister and love to snuggle up together. We have been at The Mayhew for so long now that we really just want a place to call our own and have lots of fun together. We are a very sweet pair who just want to be your best buds. We are such a sweet and loving pair of Rabbits that we rush over to greet people first thing in the morning as we look to munch on our pellets. We are great together and don’t like to leave each other’s side when we hop about. We love the staff at The Mayhew but it’s time we saw a bit more of the world so come in and say hello. We like our veg in the afternoon and we happily eat our hay which helps look after our teeth. You would need to make sure you keep up with our vaccinations so we can grow up to be big and strong and we will be your best friends for life.

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