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Owen, the one with the white nose, is pictured here with his brother Wilfred. Please read ‘are you rescue ready’ before applying and pleasd note we do have strict criteria for pups as young as these:) The puppies are thought to be between 12 – 16 weeks as their teeth not coming out yet. They seem to be Greyhound or have a high amount of Greyhound in them. Owen is slightly more reserved than Wilfred. He needed a moment to make sure we were ok and after giving us a good old sniff, was fine to be stroked. He was slightly worried having a harness on, and not sure how to move in it initially but was ok when outside. He was a little wary of the outside world, and took his time to watch other dogs and take in everything. Owen was slightly worried by the sounds of cars, when a big van went past got more worried and tried to hide. This will all come right in time when in a supporting home. Whilst he started off more unsure and nervous, he quickly became more confident and enjoyed himself in the garden. He is gentle in what he does, even with playing with leaves bless him. He loves his food and finding treats, so would be easy to train. His new family just has to bear in mind he needs a moment to gain confidence then he is fine. He loves a cuddle and snuggle, is fine being handled, checked over ears, legs, feet etc. They are lovely puppies looking for a great home. They could be rehomed with another dog and they are at the age where being around cats would be OK as long as appropriate training and socialisation was practised. Enquiries via the website

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