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Please consider giving Blitz a new home

''Here is Blitz, a male German Shepherd cross, 18 months old, who has been patiently waiting for his forever home for some time. When Blitz arrived in January, he'd had no training and needed positive direction, he'd also not had much opportunity to socialise with other dogs and was over zealous in greeting. Lucky for Blitz along came a fantastic foster family who have helped Blitz grow into a wonderful companion. Blitz knows general obedience now, walks well on lead, he has been socialising more and more with other dogs and walks on lead with other dogs a swell, (off lead he can still be quite distracted, so this needs more work), but he now happily shares his home with an older calm bitch. Blitz is not destructive in the home, and is fully house trained, and is described by his foster family as a pleasure to care for. We would suggest any children should be 13+ as Blitz very occasionally still mouths, but a firm 'no' and he remembers that is not appropriate. Blitz also needs a cat free home. Blitz is very affectionate, and loves company (so cannot live with a full time worker), he adores playing ball and is intelligent and eager to please, he may like to do agility or fly ball too.' Please contact the RSPCA Essex South and Southend Branch  by telephoning 07749175023 or email

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