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Please give Meg a home

My name is  Meg (Female) I am  3yrs old.

  • Can I live with other cats?  No
  • Can I live with Dogs?  No
  • Can I live with Children?  Yes (8 + years)
  • Do I need a garden?  Yes
  • Medical conditions? None known
What’s my personality? I am a very friendly young lady who likes fuss and attention. I don’t care for other cats so I’d like to have you all to myself if it’s ok? I am very affectionate and loving and would love to spend lots of time with you. Why am I at The Mayhew? I arrived at The Mayhew after somebody found me as a stray. It appears that I was previously owned but just no longer wanted. I had given birth to kittens in somebody’s garden but was found alone. contact  

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