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Please Please Help Sparky

Sparky is still in kennels awaiting a forever home. He is quite a complex fellow who is not keen on touch and fuss, and needs an owner willing to just let him be,he does like to get his own way and he can be grumpy at times, but who wouldn'...t be if their owner had died and your family never came to collect you from kennels? It's a lot to ask, we know, as he is super cute looking and most people would want to be affectionate towards him, but that's not what he really needs.Can live with dogs, no children or cats though. Please share him, or call 07749 175023 if you are interested in offering Sparky a foster or forever home.See more
Hello, my name is Sparky, and I am a nine year old male Terrier. I am in kennels waiting for a home because my owner died, and although family members were supposed to come and take me home, they never arrived. I would like a retirement where I can just be myself, I enjoy playing ball and fetch, and I can play beg for treats. But I do not always like being touched, especially on my back, so I need a new owner who understands that, because I will tell you off if you forget and try to pet me there! I don't have any pain now, but when I came in to kennels my collar was very tight and my skin was sore and bald, so maybe it's because I had pain in the past that I don't like being touched there now. I know its hard because I am so cute looking, but I really am happy not to be cuddled, we can play ball instead, and I can lie at your feet and keep you company. I am a good boy in the house, the kennel staff sometimes take me home for a little break and I behave well. Although it's fine here in kennels, I really am a bit too old to stay here much longer, and would like a comfy bed of my own in a forever home. If you'd like to come and meet me call 07749 175023.

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