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Isn’t she beautiful? YES of course she is and she is an Old Tyme Bulldog and aged 2. However, before you get all excited and think she is the dog for you because she is beautiful and friendly and all of that …. you need to be aware of this. Ruby has not been well socialised and has been used for breeding purposes. As such she is not always comfortable with other dogs and can be a little cheesed off if they get too close or in her face. She has been doing really well and is slowly developing better social skills, but she needs an owner who understands her concerns and can a) help her to get over them and b) keep her safe in the meantime. Because bulldogs like Ruby can also develop certain health challenges, we must find someone who has experience of her breed and can give her the life she needs and deserves. She is not a big hike cross country kinda gal, and as the breed can sometimes have a tendency towards hip and elbow dysplasia (although we have no reason to believe that is the case with Ruby) and can develop breathing difficulties so weight management is important in both these cases, she needs someone who knows what they are doing and can look after her properly and FUREVER. No more pups for this little girl – she is very friendly with people, loves fusses and to play but can be fussy about other dogs. Are you the right home for Ruby? It’s not whether she is the right dog for you I’m afraid! ENQUIRIES VIA WEBSITE WWW.FINDINGFUREVERHOMES.ORG.UK/DOGS/RUBY-BULLDOG/

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