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Vehicles being targeted in rural locations

 Recently there have been a number number of incidences at equestrian / farm establishments and in remote rural areas of vehicles being entered and items stolen from within.  In some cases the vehicles have been left insecure or locked, but with valuables on display. 

 When leaving your vehicle be sure to remove all your valuables (put them in the boot) and lock all the doors.  Keep your keys with you – don’t be tempted to leave them lying around the yard.  At some riding schools keys can be left in the office, but make sure that the office is attended or locked at all times. 

 Many people’s key fobs seem to have hundreds of keys attached – do you really need all those keys with you?  You only need one key to lock your vehicle; attach your vehicle key to the rest with a simple clip and then it is easy to detach the individual key and carry it with you.

 At shows and riding clinics it is very easy to be complacent and trust everyone at the event. It is easy to assume that you’re with like-minded people and drop your guard, but that’s when you’re vulnerable and thieves take advantage.

 Don’t leave your saddle resting against the horse box or the bridle hanging off the wing mirror – when unattended lock your tack away. A handbag, mobile phone or wallets lying on the front seat of an unlocked lorry are easy pickings.  Remain vigilant and if you see anyone lurking around the lorry park that seems suspicious or out of place, immediately contact the police and a show steward.

 Be the eyes and ears of the countryside

 You know your area, what’s usual and what is out of place.  Trust your instincts and if you see anything suspicious or have a hunch that things ‘just aren’t right’ then report it to the police.  Your little bit of information may be the final piece of the jigsaw in a criminal investigation.

Phillip Ball

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