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Victor is looking for a home

Victor is a lovely dog who lacks confidence terribly around men - he will need someone who is patient and doesn't push Victor and allows him to come round in his own time, which he typically does and is then happy to approach and share a sofa. He's a loving chap and once he trusts you and feels safe with you, he starts to show his true personality - one that enjoys sharing a sofa and even a quilt if allowed! He's got excellent basic obedience, walks nicely on the lead and travels well, is currently sharing a foster home with a female dog and they have become great pals, playing nicely together. He's had a pretty rubbish time of it, absolutely petrified when he came into rescue kennels but his foster experience has enabled that confidence to grow, but he still has a way to go - FFH will provide a fully qualified behaviourist to offer advice and support, at our full expense, if you feel you have the home to offer him? He has good recall and is learning to fetch and drop a ball, and this boy just wants the chance of a normal, happy life. Can you offer him that? In foster in Manchester Applications via website please

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