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Violet is a lovely friendly Lurcher girl who starts off a little shy but soon comes around and is very sweet. With other dogs she has met, she is friendly or indifferent, but we will test this out a little more to be confident in our assessment over the next few days. She was quite interested in the cats in the cattery so probably best in a cat free home. She will play if encouraged, but its not her main priority at the moment.  She'd prefer to have a cuddle, shes no problem at all being stroked or handled and loves some chill out time being close to humans.  She also shows no stress at being left on her own for a while. She has a good appetite and has no issues around food at all.  Shes also superb on the lead, isn't concerned about traffic,  jumps in the car and travels fine, loves sniffing and exploring, she doesn't pull, a real pleasure to walk.  She will be a real asset to a home.  Could it be yours?

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